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Lost Ark Getting New EU Server Region to Support Demand, and a Gift Pack for All is Coming

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To say that Lost Ark has had a big launch would not be an understatement. After hitting a peak of over 1.3 million players on Steam over the weekend (and becoming the second most-played title ever), there have been some announcements and adjustments in response to these huge numbers.

Amazon had already begun limiting character creation on several servers during the head start, just before the full free to play launch, in order to try to prevent queues on those servers from getting even worse. The team has responded to feedback by saying this is a temporary and essentially, a rolling process, where these gates will be removed as they’re able to accommodate with sufficient capacity. This is, naturally, frustrating for those that planned to play with friends, so for those who did redeem a Founder’s Pack before 2/14 at 12 PM PST, they’d be eligible to claim a one-time duplicate set of their bonuses if they created a character on a different, currently unrestricted, server.

They’ve also announced that Amazon and Smilegate RPG are setting up a new region in Europe to support the demand. This will be separate from the Central-EU server region, so any bonuses from Founder’s Packs or balances won’t carry over. The one-time Founder’s Pack bonus duplicate claim is also applicable to this new EU region. There’s no timing yet on when this new region will become available, but the joint effort between Amazon and Smilegate RPG is in process, aiming to roll this out ASAP.

There is a gift coming to all players once this new EU region is available, and it is being marked as a launch gift. This will be available soon, through March 1st.

To thank everyone, we also want to announce a launch celebration gift that Smilegate RPG and Amazon Games are granting to all players. The gift includes these items (all non-tradeable):

    Vehicle Selection Chest (choice of either mount)


        Terpeion of the Shadow

    Midsummer Night’s Dream Instrument Skin Selection Chest

    Healing Battle Item Chest x10

    Offensive Battle Item Chest x10

    Legendary Rapport Selection Chest x3

    Weekly Trade potions Pack x3

    Phoenix Plume x20

With a big launch and demand, Amazon and Smilegate RPG’s partnership seem to be looking towards responsive and careful expansion for the game.

For more, head over to Lost Ark.


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