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Lost Ark Gets GeForce NOW Support and Possible Shorter Roadmaps On the Way

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Lost Ark is the latest game to be available on NVIDIA’s GeForce NOW service. If you are looking to play on the go or want to play on a variety of devices, now you'll be able to play Lost Ark via the cloud-based game service.

Cloud-based gaming is growing, and while playing MMORPGs via such services leads to some mixed experiences at times, there’s no doubt that there’s a lot of promise in it. With formal support for GeForce NOW, Lost Ark joins other titles like Dune: Spice Wars (which is now in early access), Conan Exiles, and new battle royale Vampire: The Masquerade - Bloodhunt, which were all added to the supported titles on the service this week. Swords of Legends Online, Fortnite, and Secret World Legends were some of the other titles already supported.

Lost Ark is also getting ready for May, with the rest of the released roadmap in the works, including the Destroyer advanced class for the Warrior. CM Roxx responded to player questions in the forum about class releases, and said that Destroyer is coming in May, and “I would expect the older/“original” classes to roll out before we get the newest class in game” since this was also the way the original Korean version did things. However, there is the potential for content roadmaps to become a little shorter and more frequent, as long as the plans come together at the appropriate pace: “We are toying with the idea of frequent shorter “roadmaps” to share, but it also depends on working towards locking in those contents as much as possible. Lots going on!!”

In another community concern, the population of the European West servers was addressed, with players noting that some of them moved over from the Europe Central region in order to help the launch queues but now some of the servers are having dwindling populations. There is confirmation that the team is monitoring this and trying to figure out what options are next. 

For more on the GeForce NOW release, see the announcement here.


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