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Lost Ark Gets Closed Beta Registration Date for Japan

Plus guild territory system info

Poorna Shankar Posted:
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Lost Ark has finally received a June 25 closed beta registration date for Japan, in addition to new information on a guild territory system. Here are the details.

The news arrived in a Tweet which, after some Google Translate, states,

“[Celebration] "LOST ARK" CBT implementation decision!

 Keep everyone waiting! CBT for "LOST ARK" has been decided!

 We are planning to start recruiting from Thursday, June 25! Stay tuned for more details!

 I'm looking forward to seeing you all!”

It provides a link to the Lost Ark Japan page. Additionally, some information was shared regarding a guild territory system for Season 2 (via MMO Culture). Like some other MMOs which contain a similar system, the guild territory system for Lost Ark will allow guilds to essentially build structures in various locations.

This system also brings with it several abilities, in addition to the obvious social elements such a system affords. If you’re a non-guild member, don’t worry. You’ll still be able to visit these structures. These structures include a research lab, crafting shed, quest bounty, trading NPCs, cosmetic structures, decorations, wandering NPCs, and more.


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