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Lost Ark Fixes Several Issues, Adds Fever Time Weekend Bonuses Starting This Weekend

Christina Gonzalez Posted:
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Lost Ark got a patch overnight that  addressed several  recent, but persistent issues, and set up some rewards and the groundwork for the upcoming Fever Time weekend bonuses.

In the patch,  issues that were fixed including game crashes when using the search field with the controller, an issue that prevented some potions from being tradable when they should have been,  and a problem with one of the mechanics in  a Guardian Raid. The raid, against Tytalos, wasn’t seeing tornadoes spawn as intended, which meant that players couldn’t avoid a high-damage attack. Another fix was to the in-game time, since Daylight Saving Time began this past weekend, and the in-game event timers were off and not as expected. Even game servers have to recover from time changes.

Also addressed were login rewards for the Europe West region. These have been restarted from day one for all on Europe West servers. You can claim the first four days again (or for the first time). Previously claimed rewards won’t be lost since this change has happened. The Lost Ark team is still trying to make playing on Europe West more rewarding and less of an annoying adaptation for those who started over in the new region. There may be more in the works for this purpose too.

Lost Ark is also getting a bonus event starting this weekend that should also help everyone. Fever Time will be in effect each weekend through April 10th at 2 AM PT. During the weekend, one character on any player's account will be able to claim a special ‘3 Battle Items Chest’ once on Saturday and once on Sunday. These chests will each contain:

    Healing Battle Item Chest x5

    Utility Battle Item Chest x5

    Offensive Battle Item Chest x5

There are four weekends to take part and claim your loot.

While there were fixes to some crashes and annoying errors, there are still some known issues of note. Both the Europe West and South America regions can’t connect to voice chat, and Crystal bonus packs aren’t granting the right bonuses. The latter will be corrected and credited to affected players.

See the complete update notes at Lost Ark.


Christina Gonzalez

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