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Lost Ark Fixes Feiton Powerpass Error and Other Bugs and Prepares the Backend for May Content Update

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This week’s maintenance patch for Lost Ark is focused on fixes that we will be able to see, but also a number of backend changes that stretched out the downtime required. With the patch now live, there are a few fixes and changes to look out for. One fix closed an exploit, and Amazon is also warning those who try to access Lost Ark via VPN.

This update comes as one step that will eventually lead to the big May content update, which they’re aiming for launch no later than the third week of the month. In practical fixes, there were issues with the Feiton Powerpass where some were seeing it unable to be used without certain quests from previous continents hadn’t been completed. This was a bug and access will work as long as you’ve completed the quest “Will”.

Those who want to add more characters to their rosters will now find things easier with a fix to a bug that was preventing players from unlocking all available character slots. This change makes sure that unlocking a character slot doesn't decrease the remaining number of purchases for unlocking future slots.  Now that there are progression bonuses live, this should help players who want to branch out, perhaps into a new class. 

Recently, some players reported getting error 10010 and the team addressed this, saying that they have blocked access via VPN in order to fight against bots. This is a security measure that they hope will keep bots out of the game by making it more difficult to connect. Those who may have encountered the error may be legitimate players getting caught up in security measures, but they also warn that using a VPN is against the terms of service. The team won’t be punishing anyone who accessed the game via VPN before, however.

 For more on the update see the notes over at Lost Ark


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