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Lost Ark Express Mission Event Getting One-Time Character Swap Option This Week

Christina Gonzalez Updated: Posted:
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Recently, Lost Ark got a new event intended to provide some help with progression. Now, there is a change to the Express Mission event that adds a limited, one-use character change option and a change to Engraving Selection Chests.

In an update today, CM Roxx updated that during this week’s weekly maintenance on Thursday, the event will change to add this new option. The change comes as there have been a number of player reports saying that they began the Express Mission event with one character, only to realize that a different character on their roster would have better benefited from it. 

Amazon is working with Smilegate on the matter, as well as on better communication, but for those that want to change their Express Mission character, there will be a one-time character change option added on Thursday. If you used the wrong character, you can make a more informed decision with this option. You'll be able to choose or switch to any level 50 character with an item level under 1,100 to take on the challenges and earn rewards.

Engraving Selection Chests are also getting a change, so you’ll want to avoid opening any you might still have until after the update. These will contain all recipe selection options.

However, there are some exceptions. If you have already used the honing benefit from the event on T1 or T2 gear pieces you won't be able to swap characters. If you have only honed T3 gear on the event character, you will be able to switch.

If you have already claimed some of the rewards, you won't be able to get them on the new character, This will avoid double rewarding the same player.  all rewards from the event are character bound, so if you're thinking of changing your character, don't use any until after the update later this week.

See more over at Lost Ark.


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