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Lost Ark Downtime Will Fix Remaining DST Clock Issues, Grant Compensation for Bugged Raid and Crystals

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 Tomorrow, there will be a period of downtime for Lost Ark to fix game timers for Daylight Saving Time and other issues. There will also be compensation for the bugged Tytalos Guardian Raid.

This week, with many people dealing with a time change from setting our clocks ahead, some games prepared in advance or held downtime to shift their in-game clocks and systems to match the new real-world time. Lost Ark’s world event timers were not reset properly with the patch on Monday, so the team is trying once again to apply a thorough fix. In order for this to work, players have to have DST enabled on their computers.

In order to make up for the time change errors, there will be a grant of 3,000 Grand Prix event tokens. The Arkesia Grand Prix also began recently and will be running throughout the month. These tokens will be delivered to your Universal Storage after the downtime. However, the Grand Prix is also currently bugged. if you try to complete the event quest for the Grand Prix with a character under level 50, it won’t work. That glitch won’t be fixed in this update tomorrow, so you might need some time before you can use those tokens.

Another make good compensation plan is for those who were affected by the bugged Tytalos Guardian Raid. If you lost items, there will be a grant approximately based on what you may have lost. Since people use different item combinations, the team will grant different compensation, and list these items as possible options:

Awakening Stones

Consumable Battle Items

Phoenix Feathers

Blue Crystals

This update is also intended to fix the issue with Crystal bonus packs. After the fix, these should be giving out the right amounts. For the third form of compensation for an error, the team will retroactively grant missed bonuses.

For the details on tomorrow’s downtime, see the notes at Lost Ark.


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