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Lost Ark Director in New Interview on Lore, Elgacia's Importance, and Smilegate RPG's Advanced Planning

The team has the entire story of Lost Ark planned already.

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When it comes to Lost Ark, there's plenty of action, challenge, color, places to wander, and more but  there is an overall story rolling out over time. Amazon has a new lore interview with Lost Ark director, Gold River, taking us behind the scenes of Elgacia, and its importance, and much more lore.

From the very concept of Lost Ark and the threats to Arkesia, Smilegate RPG has been rolling out a bigger story over time. We have now reached the most recent update, which includes epilogue quests for the Elgacia region and what happens after those main Elgacia quests.

Gold River addresses some of the questions received from the community about Elgacia, the 14th continent in the game. Located up in the sky and created by Regulus, the God of Order. It is quite a different location, it is, intentionally, quite a different location. “Lazeniths [who stole the ark] repented their sins in the paradise full of light. All of Elgacia— such as the city of Ereonnor, Mount Phylantos, and Hestera Garden— are filled with yearning and praises towards the gods. You will embark on the journey to the last Ark here in Elgacia, and discover the true meaning of the Lost Ark,” he says.

Since the region is so important to the overall story and lore, it was actually created first, along with the Kayangel Dungeon within. One of the reasons for this was also since the storyline and features required a lot of work in animation and technology, they developed it first since they figured they would be able to use  everything they learned to create the rest of the game.

Despite all of this, and how lore important Elgacia is? We’re still in chapter one of what is a three-chapter story. The director shares much on the design process, how they created a special language, the behind-the-scenes extensive concept design, and much more of how it will play out.

“The general storyline until the end of Chapter 3 is complete. While the overall order and flow of the continents, sea and other lore updates have all been planned, detailed stories are still being developed by our Scenario Team.”

Meaning that while there is still so much to go and a lot of work that Smilegate RPG has planned for Lost Ark, the overall story is set. They are working with detailed plans and obviously are looking towards a long future investing in the game. 

The entire interview is worth a read if you are interested in Lost Ark lore, and  hints at the team's future plans. even if you are just curious about the impact and how important the lore for a story that they've been developing for 10 years comes to life.


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