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Lost Ark Details the Summoner, the Mage Advanced Class Arriving Next Week

Christina Gonzalez Posted:
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The Summoner is coming to Lost Ark with the next big update on December 14th. The team has released a new edition of Lost Ark Academy detailing everything you need to know about this fourth advanced class for the Mage.

The Summoner's abilities are based on the power they have to summon elemental spirits that fight for them. The elemental spirits have different skills and a variety of elemental attacks, as well as other ways to strategize and take down your enemies. 

Because the Summoner is all about summoning the ancient elementals, if you choose to play one you'll have to collect Ancient Energy to fuel your attacks. Get some simply by attacking your enemies, or when your summoned companions attack them as well. By collecting the energy you'll be able to get Elemental Orbs that you can use to summon the elementals that you have unlocked the ability to call upon. They require different amounts of orbs to summon, somewhat reflecting their strength or how devastating their powers are. 

Among the elementals you may see in your future is Phoenix. Costing five orbs to summon, the Phoenix will inflict powerful fire damage, knocks enemies back, and applies burning. Akir costs seven orbs and you summon this one at a targeted location within 14m. Once summoned, Akir will pull nearby enemies in close, causing lightning damage, then roaring fiercely for even more lightning damage. 

Even when the Summoner is casting, there are animal themes to some of the magic spells and the addition to summon other elementals.

As with all advanced classes you have two possible Engravings to use, each focusing on different summons and effects. Master Summoner enhances ancient elemental skills for each summon and the Communication Overflow engraving does things like extend summon duration, damage, and cuts cooldown time for certain elementals.

The Summoner arrives while there are progression events still going from the last major update. There will be no new events happening so if you have an unused Punika Powerpass left, you can use it to get started with a new Summoner.

Read the full blog over at Lost Ark.


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