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Lost Ark Cruises Over 350K Concurrent users, an English Patch Review & Soul Master Guide

Suzie Ford Updated: Posted:
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There's tons of nifty tidbits of news floating around about Lost Ark that is currently sitting in open beta in Korea. The game seems to be taking hold in Korea as the concurrent user number has soared over the 350,000 mark according to KR news site, Joins.com (via Reddit) which also reports that queue issues persist, though Smilegate has plans to continue adding new servers as time goes on.

For players who've managed to squeak into the OBT from other regions, a new English language patch has been released by fans. YouTuber "T-Party" has played using the EN patch and has posted a brief video review of his impressions of its quality.

Lastly, YouTuber "Duble Dice" has posted an in-depth build guide for the Soul Master class. This is a "guide on an AoE and single-target build for endgame content."


Suzie Ford

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