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Lost Ark Completes Punika Growth Support Pack Compensation For Unavailable Powerpass Time

Christina Gonzalez Posted:
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The Lost Ark team has updated on the compensation process for previously-disabled free Powerpasses after they were re-enabled this week. 

All Powerpasses had been disabled for weeks to address an unrevealed issue, meaning that no players could use or even obtain any new passes during that time. Community Manager Roxx updated on Tuesday that the free Powerpasses have been re-enabled, but all paid passes were still going to remain unavailable until they addressed issues.

With that update came the announcement that those who were affected by the downtime for Powerpasses would qualify to get a free Punika Growth Support pack. This would apply to those players who completed a quest to earn a free Powerpass between July 23-August 15th or who had an unused pass and actively logged in between July 23rd and August 15th. 

The first round of updates by CM Roxx said that those compensation support packs had been going out, but they still had more to send. If you're eligible, you should see one appear in your storage soon. Today, in fact. All remaining packs should have been delivered by today at 12AM PT, so if you qualified and haven’t gotten one, you should contact support. There is still no word on when paid passes will be back, but for now, the team is making good on compensation for passes being completely unavailable. 

With an MMO, things can and do go wrong, so it’s not unheard of to have a feature be taken offline to be fixed, but the length of the unavailable pass time does have an impact. With a new class recently released and another on the way, Powerpasses are something that can keep players playing, encourage inviting friends, and the team’s promotion of passes and new content reiterates their importance.

There’s still no word on when paid passes would return. For more, see the updates at Lost Ark.


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