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Lost Ark Clarifies RMT Policies, New Update Bringing Fixes, But Gifting and Powerpasses Still Disabled

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This week's Lost Ark update will be happening overnight, and the update is centered around some fixes for issues affecting skill trees and runes. However, there is no update yet on Powerpasses or gifting, which are both still disabled.

One of the issues being fixed is causing lock icons on unlocked skill tree inventory tabs, which has been causing player confusion and difficulty.  The other fix coming in the update affects runes. Runes equipped on Shadowhunter and Artillerist skills are sometimes not displaying properly in the combat skills menu. 

When it comes to Powerpasses and gifting, they continue being disabled after a couple of weeks. Powerpasses were getting new rules, with a three-day withholding period being added to take advantage of any gold you earn while using a pass, but even those rules haven’t had the chance to be implemented yet, since Powerpasses were “temporarily disabled” shortly before that was set to go into effect. Last week’s update even updated the rules a bit.

The Lost Ark team is also clarifying some community questions on RMT penalties and potential incorrect suspensions. Rmt violations and exploits are possibly behind the temporary disabling of power passes and gifting, and some people might be concerned about enforcement. In a post, CM Roxx reassured the community  - 

“First, we have seen concern surrounding the possibility of catching an RMT suspension through in-game systems if the individual you are interacting with has previously purchased RMT gold. We want to reassure players that they can safely use in-game systems such as the Auction House or Marketplace as intended. However, we encourage users to take an active role in keeping their accounts safe. If you haven’t, you can set up Two-Factor Authentication through Steam, and make sure to never accept mailed gold from users that you don’t know or trust.”

For the update notes, head to Lost Ark.


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