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Lost Ark August and September Roadmap Shakes Things Up a Bit, With Three Focused Updates Planned

Christina Gonzalez Posted:
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When it comes to content in Lost Ark, the newly released August and September roadmap is shaking things up a little bit. Instead of one huge update each month and weekly maintenance, the team will be splitting things up across multiple smaller, targeted updates.

The plan is that there will be a smaller content update in August, followed by an update in early September focused on quality of life updates and backend work, and finally a major content update in late September. 

In the planned August update, the Pet Ranch will be introduced into the game. This new feature will appeal to those who love the ins and outs of having pets in their games. You’ll be able to play with your pets, raise them, and earn rewards. After you unlock the farm, cave, and you’ve got your own pet, you’ll be able to take a special quest called “Yay, Pet Ranch” and this will get you started. You'll be able to earn a new item called Jelly Cookies that you can exchange for rewards.

The August update will also expand the ongoing Maharaka Festival - Blooming Mokokos. The festival gets new activities. You’ll see that the leaves of the Maharaka Tree, which are said to give good luck, are collectable. Collect enough of them and you may earn yourself a new mount and other loot.

The first September update will focus on backend and tech changes as well as some quality of life updates, including adding stuff recently included in the Korean version. The improvements include a PVP class balance patch, better PVP and guild systems, improved controller support, cross server interaction improvements,  and new hairstyles for starting classes. 

The second September update will be the major update that includes a new advanced class, the Machinist, which is the fifth advanced class for the Gunner. There will also be new events,  a creepy new Legion Raid, new skins, and much more that is still to be revealed.

To read the roadmap, head over to Lost Ark. 


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