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Lost Ark 'Art of War' Update Coming March 15th, Preview the Artist Specialist Advanced Class Now

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Lost Ark is getting ready to introduce its first Specialist Advanced Class –the Artist. Prepare for this new type of class, set to arrive in the “Art of War” update on March 15th, with a brand new preview.

The preview comes via a new Lost Ark Academy entry, pointing out that the Artist is the first Specialist Advanced Class, but won’t be the only one releasing this year. 

The Artist has something called a Harmony Meter Identity Gauge, which can be filled by landing skills on your enemies and filling up the orbs in the gauge. Once you have those filled up, you can cast Moonfall or Sunrise, which are known as Identity Skills, and lack cooldowns.  

Moonrise costs two orbs and will strike the ground hard, while temporarily buffing outgoing damage by party members in a certain radius. Sunrise costs one orb and can be cast up to three times. You’ll summon a Sun marble, which will recover HP for those in 10m range for 60 seconds.

By now, you should understand that the Artist can be an effective support or a damage dealer, depending on how you use your Identity skills and Engravings. Of those, Full Bloom boosts support capabilities  and Recurrence will boost her offensive abilities.

As far as her skills go, the Artist will use–of course–art-based skills, like drawing something that will have an effect. In Paint: Crane Wing,  you will summon a crane by drawing it and that crane will attack your enemies. With Paint: Drawing Orchids, you’ll be able to knock enemies back by unrolling a long Artist scroll in front of you, damaging the enemies. Other skills are suitable for support, like the ability Paint: Sunsketch. Not only does this damage nearby enemies, it also reduces incoming damage for party members within 24m.

Two Awakening skills supplement these, with Masterwork: Spectacle good for damage dealers and Masterwork: Efflorescence more suited to support players. 

With the arrival of the Artist, there will be a new Punika Powerpass launching, along with a Hyper Express Plus event. This event has a new feature this time around, with an Engraving Support system. There’s also a Story Express character option. The 48v48 PvP Tulubik Battlefield is also coming in the update.

For more on the update, complete skills list, and event details, head to Lost Ark.


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