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Lost Ark April Update Opens South Vern, Adds the Glaivier, New Ark Passes, Skins, and More

Christina Gonzalez Posted:
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The April update for Lost Ark is now live, with the new continent South Vern, the Glaivier advanced class, some progression events and the new Ark Passes.

Now that it’s here, there are new places to go, quests to complete, and characters to get out there and progress. The new progression events should help players with that last part. The Express Mission event lets you pick any character at level 50 with under 1000 item level to get level 302 gear and the opportunity to do “express missions” for rewards like honing materials, silver, and Engravings.

The free Feiton Powerpass will be given out to all who complete the Feiton quest “Will” during the event, which runs from today through June 30th. When you complete the storyline content for the continent, you’ll be able to bring up any alt to that point in the game and with a set of level 960 gear. 

The Glaivier makes her debut as the latest advanced class for the Martial Artist, and you have some big decisions to make on how you might want to play her. She specializes in using her two weapons in different ways, and you can switch between stances when needed, gaining set bonuses in the process, or limit yourself to one for significant damage boosts.

South Vern has opened up at Tier 3 (1340), in line with prior info from the team about staggering some releases until more players are at the right levels, the continent features story content, new characters, and an “epic battle” for the finale. The new Chaos Line activity starts at normal difficulty. Later, when more players have reached the right item level of 1415, they’ll add the South Vern Chaos Dungeons, field boss, and Chaos Gate.

The Ark Pass is making its debut and it will work similarly to battle passes from other games. There’s a free pass, a Premium one, and Super Premium. The free pass will get you rewards like honing material chests, pirate coins, and a mount. Premium has more rewards at each level, as well as exclusive ones. Super Premium adds chests for the newly added Noble Banquet skin set, and things like legendary rapport chests. 

See the full notes, including other changes and fixes, over at Lost Ark.


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