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Lost Ark April-May Roadmap Details Two Advanced Classes, South Vern Continent, and Endgame Content

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Amazon and Smilegate RPG have posted the April-May roadmap for Lost Ark. Included are new advanced classes, the Glaivier (Martial Artist) and Destroyer (Warrior), new Guardian Raid content, a number of quality of life improvements, and much more.

This month the Glaivier, the new, fifth, advanced class for the Martial Artist arrives. The Glaivier wields two weapons, a shorter spear that can unleash quick impact strikes in the Flurry stance, and the longer glaive uses Focus stance for lethal strikes. While you can specialize in one stance and weapon type, you can also combine both for a balanced build but you can swap as needed. April’s update will also include skin and store updates, new login rewards, and a Feiton powerpass to get item level 960 gear.

The continent of South Vern is also on the way, making it the second Tier 3 continent after Punika.  The official description lends itself to the mysteries you’ll be investigating:

 “The settlers of South Vern borrowed technology from many different races to turn this once-barren land into a place of abundant waters and green pastures. Hearing rumors of the dangers that plagued North Vern, the Senate shut South Vern down and formed a new knightly order. Suspecting that something was amiss, Ealyn, the Queen of Vern ordered Knight Commander Avele to investigate. What could be happening to this peaceful continent?” 

When Amazon and Smilegate RPG released their letter to the community, they promised honesty. The May part of the roadmap is divided into planned and tentative, with anything subject to change if community feedback and data show adding it might leave players frustrated. So far, things are on track for enough players to be ready and geared appropriately. These plans include a new Guardian Raid, Deskaluda, and a new Legion Raid - Valtan in normal and hard modes.

The hammer-wielding advanced class for the Warrior, the Destroyer, will roll out in May. Their hammer attacks are so powerful that “that Destroyers can bend gravity to their will— slowing, launching, pushing and pulling enemies— whatever it takes to utterly, beyond a shadow of a doubt, destroy them”.

Also in May are a number of quality of life improvements, including to the UI, the party finder, and more. Arriving are Trial Guardian Raids, which will be a weekly challenge where you can face three Trial Guardians, each with a different required item level to enter. One will rotate out each week and another will come into the pool. These will have Scale of Harmony so your item level will always be appropriate to the boss you face.

For more on the roadmap, including other potential additions, see the full update over at Lost Ark.


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