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Lost Ark Applying Ongoing Server Restarts To Address Some Instability

Christina Gonzalez Posted:
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Last night, Lost Ark had some downtime to apply a hotfix intended to shore up the EU Central servers and to patch an issue creating a skin error with the Northern Lawmaker skin on Warriors. The update did go as planned overnight, but today there have been some server issues, so the Amazon team is working with Smilegate RPG to both continue troubleshooting the stability issues as well as work on the announced upcoming new EU region.

As of this afternoon, there have been reported server issues affecting the player experience, so the team has announced a series of server restarts. These restarts began unexpectedly, and some players mentioned servers out with little warning. In some cases, they reported 60-90 second timers appearing on screen to let them know the server restart was coming. Combined with ongoing queues, there’s understandable frustration with this.

Amazon and Smilegate RPG announced that there will be an entirely new EU server region coming soon, but there is still no date as to when we might be able to expect this to be rolled out. The hotfix last night intended to bring some more stability to Central EU seems to be one of the in-between measures that they can apply at the moment until that work is done.

With the announcement of the new region, accompanied by the restrictions put on some servers to limit new character creation, Amazon also noted that Founder’s Packs could be eligible for a one-time duplicate bonus if a player started on a different server after having redeemed a pack. The deadline for this was originally on Monday, February 13th but they have officially decided to extend this date for those who were unable to log in and claim the duplicate bonus in time. 

The servers that are being restarted will have an expected downtime of 30 minutes when they do go down. For more, see the update over at Lost Ark on the ongoing planned server restarts.


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