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Lost Ark Announces Two New Continents, Fast Progression Servers, Souleater Class, and Dinosaur Battle Royale

Christina Gonzalez Posted:
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With the summer updates in full swing, and the August update arriving in just a few days, the Lost Ark team and has now released its roadmap update for the rest of the year.

The August update is coming on August 16th, and there are some new details for August. Chaos Dungeons will get some tweaks, focusing on playability, increasing the rewards, and reducing  the time it takes to complete the dungeons by about 25%. Guardian Raids will be limited to one per day,  with rewards increased to make up for the cap. Another change in August will be to increase the base supply of cards,  which should help further in their work to reduce content fatigue.

In September, Lost Ark will get “Jump-Start servers”. Separate from other servers, with their own matchmaking pools, marketplace, and auction houses, these servers are designed for fast progression. The team hopes that those who were turned off by “gatekeeping, bots, and the daily grind” will find a more welcoming start here. 

September also brings a new consumable, Yoz’s Jar, which is a way to get the Epic and Legendary skins on the way. Releases will be made  seasonally, and you'll have a chance to break down skins you don't want anymore and roll a new one from a predetermined list. 

Primal Island Battle Royale is also due in September. In an arena, you'll face other players and hordes of dinosaurs in a battle royale where you'll have to scavenge gear during the match and upgrade it to survive.

October will add a brand new continent, Pleccia. Described as a continent of “ romance, art, and freedom”,  there's also new story, new quests, mysteries to solve, and special items you can only find there. Also coming is the Caliligos Trial Guardian Raid, The first clear in the region and the fastest clear time will be noted.

In November, we get the next Assassin advanced class, Souleater. She wields a giant scythe and collects enemy souls. She can attack with the scythe, by summoning the dead, or using her identity, Reaper Mode, which puts her into a Reaper form. In Reaper form, she has access to a second identity meter called the Possession Meter. Knowing when to use all of this will be key.

There will be another new continent arriving before the year is out, Voldis. Arriving in December, this new continent is known for sages, alchemy, and the Great Rainforest. The city of Kalinar is renowned, featuring those sages and alchemists, studies of the human body, and streets full of the homunculi that run errands for citizens. Meet new people like the Raiyas, people of the forest, in the Great Rainforest, discover new monsters, and complete all new story.

Voldis is also the site for the Ivory Tower Abyssal Dungeon.

Read the full roadmap devblog at Lost Ark.


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