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Lost Ark Adds The Destroyer, Along With New Raids, New Guild Activities, South Vern Content and More

Destined for Destruction has something for everyons.

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Destined for Destruction is here in Lost Ark. The update brings the new Destroyer advanced class, the first Legion Raid, a new Guardian Raid, adds content to South Vern, and includes a series of fixes, balance, and quality of life changes. 

This update can be described as wide-ranging. Although the Destroyer can hit very hard, lugging around that huge hammer affects attack and movement speed. However, the Destroyer can use three Gravity Cores. Getting them charged and using them can let you generate a shield, debuff enemies, or even pull them closer.

There are five new hairstyles for each of the five classes, five Warrior pre-made looks and five more presets without facial hair, and more. Useful if you’re looking to turn a Warrior into a Destroyer.

And then there are the new raids. The newest form to make it into the Western release is the legion raid, with Valtan being the first to arrive.  Legion Raids are team-based challenges that require intricate teamwork and strategy in order to defeat a Legion Commander. Because they are designed to be incredibly challenging, they come with checkpoints  called gates that save your progress in case you need to try again. Valtan comes with two gates. 

The newest Guardian Raid features Deskaluda, and there are also new weekly Challenge Guardians, a new take on Guardian Raids. Challenge three Guardians in an increased difficulty format, with one rotating out for another weekly. If you can figure out how to defeat them, the increased difficulty also means greater reward.

Other changes in the update include new guild activities. Guilds can now take each other on in PvP, with Island Siege. Not only can you battle other guilds to complete objectives and fight, there are activities like racing, a snow fight, and a PvE competition. There’s also Raid Match, where your guild can unite against the Sylmael Devourer for a limited-time challenge. If you win, you'll make the guild ranking, but the faster you complete the challenge also affects your rank.

For those who felt that South Vern didn’t include enough content, the continent gets some Chaos Dungeons, Chaos Gate, Secret Dungeons, Ghost Ship, and the Thunderwings Field Boss. 

Read the full patch notes, including a series of class and balance adjustments, but fixes, and other quality of life additions and changes over at Lost Ark.


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