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Lost Ark Adds Casual Guardian Raid to Help Honing Gains and New Restrictions to Fight Bots and Fraud

The PvP season also begins.

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The Lost Ark weekly community update features details on the new Casual Guardian Raid event, the start of Competitive Proving Grounds Season 1,  as well as an update on the continuous fight against bots and fraud.

The Casual Guardian Raid event was announced as a way for Western players to get more resources like holding materials in a way that isn't as demanding nor had such stringent requirements.  Players only need item level 250 or above to participate.  what will happen is something called scale of balance will apply to  your character stats, boosting your character up to match the Guardian’s level. The difficulty is also adjusted based on how many players are taking on the raid. You'll also have a range of Guardians to challenge over the course of the event that will last for about a month. The raid event can be done once once a day per roster and get you coins you can spend at a vendor that will be stocked with honing material chests of all tiers, books for Metallurgy and Tailoring, and a T3 gem chest available each week. There's also a coin bonus for winning on the weekend or you'll get 300 coins instead of the usual 200 coins for a victory.

The team is also focused on battling bots and this week's update adds a new prevention system that should help crack down on bots and fraud.  This change means that players will have to have a trusted status on Steam or there will be some restrictions on social and economic system access. There will be smaller daily Steam purchase limits, and you won't be able to do things like initiate trades or send gifts or mail with attachments. In addition to this change, there's also improved anti-cheat in the update. 

Competitive Proving Grounds season 1 also begins with the update and players will be able to queue solo for Team Deathmatch in order to grab some Prestige and of course, Rewards. Your rankings will be determined as you win or lose matches throughout the season and  get a competitive mat average score. Your rank will be determined by this score and when the season ends it will determine your rewards.

In the recent letter from  Smilegate RPG and Amazon they also announced a gift pack for players and there are more details on this as well as a change based on the Western release.

For the full details, head over to the update notes over at Lost Ark.


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