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Lost Ark Added a 'Support Pack' to the Shop Before Removing it, Holding New Fever Time Starting Tomorrow

Christina Gonzalez Posted:
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Lost Ark accidentally released an item into the store for sale that was intended to be an internal test. Some players saw this Punika Growth Support Pack and bought the item before the team realized the error and removed the pack from sale. There’s also a new Fever Time event for June kicking off tomorrow with new rewards.

According to the official update from Community Manager Roxx, players who were able to buy the support pack will keep the item. She also says that:

“We are still working through details regarding any potential offerings of “support packs” including their general availability, content, and pricing. We will provide additional details on future plans when we can”.

The game is also starting a new Fever Time event tomorrow. This time, the event will run for the last two weekends in June. If you haven’t participated in previous Fever Time events, you have the opportunity to claim special rewards once  on Saturday and once on Sunday during the weekend event.

The rewards are different again this time, and change from Saturday to Sunday this time, so you’ll want to claim on each of the event days for max benefit. Here’s the full schedule for the two event weekends:

  • Saturday, June 18th
  •     3 Battle Items Chest
  •     Honing Shard Selection Chest x3
  • Sunday, June 19th
  •     3 Battle Items Chest
  •     [Masterwork] Master’s Herb Steak Meal (Bound) x3
  • Saturday, June 25th
  •     3 Battle Items Chest
  •     Honing Leapstone Selection Chest II x2
  • Sunday, June 26th
  •     3 Battle Items Chest
  •     [Masterwork] Master’s Herb Steak Meal (Bound) x3

You’ll be able to start claiming each day’s new items at 3:01 AM PT. The short run for the event this time is a bit of a surprise, but the recent update also extended the Wild Wings Island and its related events and rewards for another week, so why not give players some other rewards to look forward to. 

Read more on the Fever Time event here at Lost Ark.


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