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Lost Ark Accidentally Sends Players Pheons With Notice, Requiring Extended Downtime Today

The team reversed course on total removal though.

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Lost Ark  will be overhauling its skills tree effects on Wednesday, and the team has been working to prepare everyone for the changes. One of the ways was through an in-game message reminder that was sent out last night, with an unintended attachment of Pheons that caused a potential exploit and led to extended downtime today.

The skill tree transfer system changes will make the skill tree effects apply to characters instead of applying to gear. While the full patch notes will reveal all of the  specifics of the changes, the team announced the overhaul in advance to give everyone at least a week to get ready. This preparation included reminders to save the skill tree effects that they may have applied to their gear and store them in inventory so they can later apply them to characters after the update goes live. Those who didn't do this process before the patch would lose all of the effects that were left on their gear when the downtime started.

That began yesterday was another reminder to notify everyone of the adjustments coming to the tripod system to make sure people didn't lose their effects and still had a chance to properly store what they wanted to keep. The message that was sent had 10 Pheons unintentionally attached. While this was an unintended currency distribution, players  could claim it on every character, and a potential exploit was created because you could delete a character and then create another one and just keep claiming the accidental gift.

The team announced an unscheduled maintenance downtime, but had to extend it several times to complete the work. In order to fix the issues, the patch removed all of the “Notice: Skill Trees” mails that were yet-unclaimed. The team originally planned to remove the Pheons that had been claimed, but have reversed that decision, saying that the exploit's reach was limited and many players claimed them in good faith.

The Lost Ark team has completed the work in all regions except North America - West so far. That region remains in extended downtime.

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