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Lore Revealed in New Series

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R2Games has published a new series of articles to give potential players the backstory behind Stormthrone, the forthcoming browser title. Called "Aeos Rising", the series currently stands at three parts and reveals both gods and demons that inhabit the game world.

In the moment that Aeos was born, Beruva, Umbral, and Tem fractured into a million pieces.

Not permanently, mind you. In fact, being many places at once is something that the gods of the billion worlds once did rather often, and with great joy – but Beruva, Umbral, and Tem had little time to enjoy their countless aspects.

For unlike the worlds that came before, which grew from humble seeds into vast wonders over the course of millennia, the birth of Aeos was an act of war. Although the Trium chose as quiet a corner of the demon-infested universe as they could, a legion of demons awoke as soon as Beruva's sun blazed to life. Having foreseen this, the gods of Aeos created and defended their new world all at once.

Start with Part 1 on the Stormthrone site.


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