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Lore and Legend Server Kael Drakkel Coming to EverQuest II in February

Christina Gonzalez Posted:
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This week, Darkpaw Games has been taking us all through some big plans for both EverQuest titles. Now they’ve announced that Kael Drakkel, the new Lore and Legend server, will be released for EverQuest II on February 22, 2022.

This special server with its ruleset will let you play all the way through the first seven expansions of EverQuest II while always being geared properly and having the chance to play older content in a way that feels like it means something.  This server also lets players who might take a break sometime be able to catch up and play with their friends more easily with the flexibility in knowing you’ll never outlevel an area.

On the server you start at level 90 and you will have a full set of level 90 gear. As you play through the game, you'll be scaled down to whatever level appropriate for the zone that you're in so the content will all be playable.

While playing on Kael Drakkel, there will be special loot drops that let you to upgrade your base gear, so this will let you get and feel more powerful while also always remaining appropriate for whatever zone you're playing and the content will feel relevant and accessible. There will be loot and upgrades available and some of it will come from lower-level content but will be level appropriate for you. There are also some new armor and weapons made for Kael Drakkel.

There will be a leaderboard and over 1,800 achievements you can earn through all the content. So if you are looking to play through Everquest II in a fresh way that leaves people on a level playing field with friends, perhaps the Lore and Legend server is for you.

For more, see the announcement over at EverQuest II. 


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