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Lord of the Rings Online's Update 31.1 Tweaks Morale Regen, Allows Defunct Legendaries To Be Dismantled

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The Lord of the Rings Online has been busy this fall with the launch of their latest expansion, Fate of Gundabad. Today's update improves some of the issues with Gundabad's release, as well as starts allowing players to get rid of those old Legendary items that have been held onto since the revamp earlier this year.

Released today onto the public servers, LotRO  details one of the more meaningful changes in the release, specifically how much morale enemies are able to regen in combat. The notes state that the morale regen has been reduced for enemies level 131-140 by about 25%, stating that their rates were "inflated due to changes made to base player vitality rates in Fate of Gundabad." This should make killing enemies somewhat easier and more balanced, especially if you're soloing the content.

The release also sees tweaks to classes, including the new Brawler class, which has seen its Rush trait become cheaper to purchase. Additionally, Guardian players should see some visual effects to denote the cooldown for Broken Ranks, as well as a fix to performance problems when using the Fray the Edge Skill.

And for those looking forward to the start of tomorrow's Yule festival, Update 31.1 heralds the return of Yule-themed Hobbit gifts. You can check out all the patch notes on the official Lord of the Rings Online website for more.

Fate of Gundabad has been out for just about a month now, and we're still hard at work on our review. In the meantime, we had a chance to sit down and talk to executive producer Rob Ciccolini about crafting Gundabad and what might be next for the Durin's folk.


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