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Lord of the Rings Online's 'Blood of Azog' Update 30 Released Today, Brings New Raid, Content To Middle-earth

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Lord of the Rings Online is gearing up for its Gundabad expansion slated for later this year, though the team has been hard at work with content in the meantime. Update 30, titled "Blood of Azog" has released today, bringing the continuation of the current epic questline, as well as a new raid.

Today's update will see players help Prince Durin face what Standing Stone Games calls his first "true test," diving into the motivations of the Dwarvish prince himself. The interlude, as LotRO's team is calling it, brings a new story set after the events of last year's "mini-expansion," War of Three Peaks

"After the escape of Gorgar, son of Bolg, and the sealing of the gates of Mount Gundabad by Hrímil Frost-heart, Prince Durin faces his first true test as the leader of the Gabil'akkâ. As Durin weighs whether it will be vengeance or wisdom that guides his hand, Lord Glóin's thoughts turn to conflicts of old. All too familiar with the triumphs and sorrows of Durin's Folk, Glóin hopes that a lesson in history might temper Prince Durin's desire to bring the War of Three Peaks to an end heedless of all cost."

If you finish the interlude, you can take part in the Tales of Yore: Azanulbizar quest, given to players from Gloin in Elderslade. In this Tales of Yore questline, you'll play as yourself, though you'll be experiencing the history of the Dwarves through the one who was there: Hermáth Stormhammer. 

Finally, a new raid has been added to the MMORPG, bringing players back to the fabeled halls of the Dwarrowdelf. The Fall of Khazad-dûm puts players back into Moria during the time when the Dwarves held the stronghold in yesteryear, allowing Lord of the Rings Online players to experience its fall alongside King Náin I. Much earlier in LotRO's history you were able to experience the sight of Durin's Bane (unfortunately wings and all) terrorizing the Dwarves of Moria, however in this raid you'll be able to fight alongside the Dwarves themselves as they protect their home from the Balrog of Morgoth. The patch notes make it interesting, asking if you'll be able to effectively reverse Middle-earth history, or "merely delay the inevitable." 

Blood of Azog is free for VIP members, though if you're premium or free-to-play, you can grab the quest pack from the LotRO store for points.

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