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Lord of the Rings Online Update 31 Beta Opens Up, and a Roadmap for Coming Changes

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Work continues on update 31 for The Lord of the Rings Online and beta session three is now open on Bullroarer today.. There is also a new brief roadmap for upcoming features and when they’re expected.

The Legendary item reward track and three person instances in Fate of Gundabad will be released after update 31 is live. Standing Stone Games expects to release the instances in update 31.0.1 and the reward track to come with update 31.1. These are all coming but they will be added according to this pace.

As for the beta test, it will be open until just tomorrow at 5 PM Eastern. Some of the changes like the Brawler class and the Gundabad area swill be accessible to you if you preordered the expansion.. If you want to test, you can purchase a preview only access pass to the Gundabad area and the Brawler.

Other changes in the beta include increased difficulty for enemies 131+, some changes to skills, a consistency update for armor stats that should reflect their tooltips and socketing interface more accurately.

With the updated beta, they are lowering the amount of Allegiance Points it needs to complete the Mordor Allegiances.  However, when this is live those reductions in cost won’t be retroactive, so if you have already joined Allegiances this change won’t affect them. Once you start a new one, then the cost reduction takes place.

There are also a series of changes to Monster Play. Rank requirements for Freep gear have been removed and the 30% defense mitts for Freep audacity were also taken out. And there’s an arena now located in the southwest corner of the Ettenmoors to enjoy.

For the full beta notes and your opportunity to test, see the Lord of the Rings Online site.


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