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Lord of the Rings Online Update 23: Where Dragons Dwell Sends Players to the Grey Mountains

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On Tuesday, October 9th, Lord of the Rings Online servers will be brought down to prepare for Update 23: Where Dragons Dwell. The new content will feature a trip to the lost dwarf kingdoms of the Grey Mountains, that include "the Longbeard descendants of Durin the Deathless". New content includes tons of new quests and deeds, three resource instances, and a new Instance cluster. A raid will be coming along in the near future as well.

Black Book of Mordor: Chapters 7 and 8 Two new chapters of the Black Book of Mordor story are now available! The War of the Ring brought darkness and bloodshed to the Lonely Mountain, but now the dwarves of Erebor seek to rebuild their home and make certain their legacy. Your adventures will bring you to new lands in the company of allies familiar and unexpected, as you uncover secrets that have been hidden for an age. Stand with Gandalf the Wizard against Sauron’s lieutenants, and beware the weapons of Karazgar, the Weeping Warrior! Any player who has purchased the Mordor expansion will continue to have access to the entire Black Book of Mordor story line. Players who have completed Chapter 6.7 can speak to Gandalf at King Thorin's throne in the Hall Under the Mountain to begin Chapter 7.1.

Other notable content includes:

  • Hobbit avatar updates including hairstyles, head styles and more
  • increased level cap to 120 that includes new "gear, appearances, and cosmetics"
  • class updates - "Changes have been made to the way ratings are calculated throughout the game to provide a more even gameplay experience throughout leveling, and to make gearing at end game more compelling."
  • crafting tweaks including the Ironfold tier of crafting to Tier 12
  • item updates
  • LOTRO Store updates
  • quest adjustments
  • UI improvements
  • skill and trait updates

Check out the full patch notes on the Lord of the Rings Online site.


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