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Lord of the Rings Online Preps For Its 15th Anniversary And Update 33 With New Patch Notes

Joseph Bradford Posted:
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Fifteen years is a long time for anything, let alone an MMO in a volatile industry. Yet The Lord of the Rings Online hits that milestone this week, and the team at Standing Stone Games is celebrating with in-game gifts, content, and the release of update 33.

In patch notes posted to the LotRO website, the team is prepping for Update 33, which brings with it the latest update to the iconic Shire, Yondershire. The new area has been home to what Standing Stone Games describes as "Hobbit recluses and troublemakers." It's fitting then that Lotho Sackville-Baggins has taken to the area in a bid to control the locals. 

The new area is part of an effort by Standing Stone Games to introduce more mid-level zones in future updates instead of simply continuing the endgame content with each addition. The new zone will be for level 20-23 characters and is part of the VIP benefits (as well as for sale in the LotRO store for points).

Also coming on April 20th is the 15th Anniversary event, seeing The Lord of the Rings Online celebrate in style. In addition to the normal anniversary festivities, players can take part in a new Festivity instance called "A Flurry of Fireworks," tasking them to help "bring about the greatest fireworks display Bree-land has ever seen."

There is a ton being given away in-game, from the new Chestnut Corgi pet, Steed of Starlight, cosmetics, Mithril Coin currency, a 15-year Character Frame, and so much more. Additionally, Update 33 will also see players get a vault of content for free permanently, whether VIP or free-to-play player, as LotRO is effectively creating a way for players to level to 95 without spending a dime. This includes content from multiple expansions, regular updates and more from 2007 and on. VIP players will also see the Mordor, Minas Morgul and War of Three Peaks content added to your account permanently as well.

There is so much being added to LotRO with tomorrow's update. Check out the official website more details.


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