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Lord of the Rings Online - Players Start Petition to Force Standing Stone to Acknowledge Poor Servers

Down with Downtime!

Steven Weber Updated: Posted:
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Yesterday it was reported that Standing Stone Games is yet again having trouble with server stability, and Lord of the Rings Online was adversely affected. Players have now started a petition in an attempt to get Standing Stone Games to admit their infrastructure is poor, and that they are going to do something about it!

At the time of this article, nearly 300 players have signed the petition requesting that Standing Stone Games acknowledge “that the servers are in a very bad condition as they are running at the moment.” You can read and sign the petition on the change.org page, or read an excerpt of the petition below:

“We as a player community complain about making better servers for Standing Stone Games. Our goal is to make Standing Stone Games admit with this petition that the servers are in a very bad condition as they are running at the moment. We therefore ask SSG to make better servers.

The community that keeps the game alive wants SSG to do something about it. SSG must hear it from several players. So players sign this petition if you think something should be done!”

Over the past several weeks Standing Stone Games has been through a handful of controversies, from their servers going down, to players feeling their compensation for their downtime was not sufficient. While Standing Stone Games contends that the problems are out of their control entirely, the player base seems to believe otherwise. We will continue to update on the status of the servers as more information becomes available.


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