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Lord of the Rings Online - Planned Downtime August 4th Ahead of Update 27.2, Patch Notes Revealed

It's a Hobbitual Downtime This Time

Steven Weber Posted:
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After a tumultuous several weeks in Lord of the Rings Online the servers are going down yet once again, but this time in a planned outage, in preparation for Update 27.2. According to the post by community manager Cordovan, the planned downtime should not be more than 4 hours.

The post linked to a long list of updates that will add some new features and fix a few problems. You can check out the entire list of features and fixes in the update in the patch notes, along with a tiny list of some features below:

  • Helm's Deep Arrives to the Legendary Worlds! - Experience the finale of Rohan's Epic Story, and the beginning of all-out war in Middle-earth! The Legendary Worlds of Anor and Ithil now have a level cap of 95 in addition to the Helm's Deep expansion.
  • Rohan Housing is now available! - Rohan Housing is available to purchase from the Rohan Housing Brokers named Burginda and Seleflad in Edoras and Snowbourn as well as the Eastfold Hills and Kingstead Meadows Homesteads.
  • Crafting XP - The character xp granted by planting fields has been made more consistent across crafting tiers and somewhat reduced in accordance with shorter planting induction times introduced with Update 25. Craft xp awards from Farming recipes remain unchanged, as do the character xp award from harvesting fields and processing the resultant crops.

LOTRO has had stability and performance issues that seemed to be ongoing for a few weeks. Players had mixed reactions when Standing Stone finally revealed their compensation packages for the affected player base. Hopefully update 27.2 marks the start of Standing Stone putting the past few weeks behind them and onto a lot more fun in the future.


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