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Lord of the Rings Online Patch Fixes Traceries Leveling Bug

Joseph Bradford Posted:
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The legendary item revamp long awaited in The Lord of the Rings Online hit last week, but not without its issues. One of those, a bug that allowed players to spend more money in order to level traceries past the cap, thankfully has been fixed.

The legendary item revamp that LotRO players have looked forward to for years has hit the servers to mixed reactions, if the official forums are any indication. However, on top of the complaints of a poor UI and confusing implementation, bugs have made it easy to exploit a bit as well.

A bug specifically affecting traceries was found in the wake of the new system being deployed, with players able to spend real currency in the form of Mithril Coins to level up traceries beyond the cap of 449. This has been fixed thanks to a patch during downtime today as part of Update 30.3.1, and those traceries that were over leveled will be reset down to 449. Additionally, any Mithril Coins spent to level beyond the cap will be refunded to those players.

The update also fixes some miscellanous items as well, such as being able to include "Keeper" when renaming a new legendary weapon, as well as a fix to the new Brawler class' "Plant Feet" buff. Hobbits and Dwarves will also be glad to know that they should be able to continue the Epic Story that gets you into your first legendary, though Standing Stone Games does warn that problems might still persist and players who can't need to contact customer support.

The Lord of the Rings Online is gearing up to its next major expansion, Fate of Gundabad, which launches on November 10th. In the interim, the team is also starting to roll out some proposed changes to Bullroarer later this month, specifically PvMP tweaks. You can check out the full patch notes for today's update here.


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