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Lord of The Rings Online Mini-Expansion Before The Shadow Now Available In The In-Game Store

Joseph Bradford Posted:
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It's been a busy week for The Lord of the Rings Online as the latest mini-expansion, Before the Shadow, is now available for purchase with points in the LotRO Store. The move makes it easier (and cheaper) for those who hoarde points to jump into the new content as before it was only available to purchase from the official website.

The Beyond the Shadow mini-expansion was released last year, bringing new zones and a whole new early leveling experience to the aged MMO, opening up the regions of Cardolan and Swanfleet to characters up through the level 30s. The mini-expansion follows the story of Boromir, one of the nine Walkers in the Fellowship of the Ring, as he recounts his journey from Minas Tirith to Elrond's home in Rivendell.

Along the way players will learn about the mysterious figure from the mists of Middle-earth's history, Antheron (also known as Annatar, the Giver of Gifts, the name changed since LotRO doesn't have the rights to use The Silmarillion), and more. It's an interesting story and a great introduction to the world and the world-building The Lord of the Rings Online brings to MMOs for new players, and provides a great respite for those older players running through on their next alt character.

The Lord of the Rings Online: Before the Shadow is available for 1990 LotRO Points in the in-game store, or about $20 USD. Buying the content gives access to the mini-expansion's quest lines, a new instance, and more. Also, while you're jumping into the new content, the Spring Festival has also kicked off this week, bringing the annual celebration to Middle-earth in force. You can check out this handy guide made by the LotRO team here.


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