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Looks Like Outriders Is Suffering From LogIn Issues On Launch Day

Preventing PC and Console Cross Play

Joseph Bradford Updated: Posted:
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Outriders launched today across myriad devices, and it hasn't been without issues. Like most always online games, login issues as well as other online matchmaking issues have plagued an otherwise impressive launch for the new IP.

Outriders hit PC, Xbox One, Series S|X, PlayStation 4 and PS5, as well as Stadia today, and the online co-op game has had a great reception today, likely helped by its inclusion on Xbox Game Pass. The co-op looter shooter that sees players join up to...erm...loot and shoot (it is a looter shooter afterall), and marks the debut of a new IP for developer People Can Fly. However, due to its nature as an always online game, it hasn't stopped Outriders from falling victim to all of the issues we typically see with every major online launch nowadays.

Players have reported issues with logging into Outriders all morning since its launch, as well as issues with cross play between PC and console, a key feature of the RPG shooter. Developer People Can Fly are aware of the issues, updating players on Twitter. There is also a site right now tracking the issues.

Players on PC are also reporting framerate and stuttering issues, which the developer has posted a workaround solution whilst they work on the problem to the Steam discussion board for the game. Players are urged to disable some Nvidia features if they are running Team Green in their rigs, such as Ansel as well as the touted DLSS feature if the work around posted doesn't initially solve the problems. 

For those looking to get crossplay working to co-op with friends on other platforms, the developers are working on this fix as well, though it seems PC to console is turned off for the time being. Steam and Epic players can join up, while Xbox and PlayStation players can queue together as well (no word on Stadia...). A patch is incoming to fix the issues with matchmaking, and the team recommends against inviting players on other platforms for the time being.

Square Enix has stated that the patch to fix this won't be releasing today, but the team is working hard to get these fixes out as fast as possible. We'll be checking out Outriders ourselves (when we can log in) so stay tuned for our thoughts as early as next week, as a a breakdown from Shank as to how the DLSS implementation is in the RPG-lite shooter.


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