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Looks Like New World Might Be Getting A Winter Festival Event

Joseph Bradford Posted:
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Amidst all the issues that the New World team has faced since launching in September, according to a new interview it looks like the team at Amazon is moving forward with also trying to get more content into players hands. This could also mean in the form of a winter-themed seasonal event here soon.

In an interview with PCGamesN, Game Director Scot Lane seemingly left the door open for a winter festival this year, though specifics (and an outright confirmation) were not shared with the outlet. When asked about seasonal events and whether or not New World had any plans to host any, Lane responded:

"I think seasonal events are hugely important for MMOs and something we want to do for sure."

To add to this, while Lane couldn't share exactly what they have in mind, he quipped that "winter is a great time for festivals," so, you know. It looks like it might be happening.

When it might happen is a different story, especially as each update seemingly causing more issues than it fixed. Most recently players have noticed issues with the recent patch to fix the time skip bug with Amazon needing to shut down EU servers for maintenance due to issues with compensation from its recent downtimes. 

New World's recent Into the Void update brought with it new content, as well as the new Void Gauntlet weapon for players, though that update has faced criticism, as well as issues with overall stability. The team did address these concerns, though with more and more updates causing issues, player confidence is seemingly dwindling. Hopefully Amazon can right the ship here heading into whatever festival events that have planned, otherwise it might be a cold Aeternum heading into the new year.  


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