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Looking to Party? RuneScapes 20th Anniversary Grand Party in Lumbridge Crater Starts January 4th

Virtual Pizza Included

Steven Weber Posted:
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Ready to party like it’s 2021? Luckily for us all, it is 2021, and RuneScape has one more thing to celebrate, their 20th Anniversary!

RuneScapes 20th Anniversary is surely a tremendous milestone. Players that want to take part in the Grand Party planned at Lumbridge Crater need only opt in when it goes live, as free teleports will be provided.

If this party is anything like the previous anniversary parties, you can expect balloons, and plenty of plenty of items for players to obtain, like coins and bonus XP stars. Recently Jagex looked back at 2020 to see how far they’ve come, with an eye towards 2021.  They also added Wiki Integration earlier this year, which will undoubtedly be helpful for new players looking to understand the game better.


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