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Looking at Halas Reborn

Jon Wood Posted:
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MMORPG.com EverQuest II writer Phil James recently sat down with EverQuest II's Update 56, Halas Reborn. Today, he shares his experiences.

If you are over here in the UK it means that, like me, you are enjoying a bank holiday weekend or at least you will have done by the time this goes out. For those who don't have bank holidays, it is basically a Monday off work (unless you are in retail then it's business as usual). Usually a long weekend means drinking, gardening, short trips away. For me, however, the only place to be was in Norrath. Why? Game Update 56, 'Halas Reborn', is why.

This update was quite a revamp for EQII, adding a fair amount of new content and also doing away with some of the old stuff. First off was the addition of New Halas, named after the destroyed city of Halas from Everquest. New Halas is open to good-aligned characters who want to make a home for themselves in the harsh wintry isle of Erollis. The isle also offers a new beginning area designed to guide you from level 1 to 20.

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Jon Wood