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Longevity Unravels, Closure Arrives

Suzie Ford Updated: Posted:
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As last month's notice indicated, The Mummy Online will shut its doors forever today, Tuesday, October 15th. Players were informed of the closure late last month.

As you will have noticed during the past few months, there have been less and less players online to play with and no new features have been added to the game recently.

This is why we’ve decided to put more effort into the games that already have a large active fan base, and make them even more awesome with the resources we have.

We would be more than pleased to welcome you in one of these games, for example Battlestar Galactica Online: http://en.battlestar-galactica.bigpoint.com/.

Always sad to see a game go to the big flash drive in the sky. Adios, The Mummy Online.


Suzie Ford

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