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Log Into PSO2 and Receive 1 Million XP

Through January 5

Poorna Shankar Posted:
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One million XP can be your just by logging into Phantasy Star Online 2. Here are the details.

You still have till January 5 to log in. Rewards include one million XP for every day you log in. Additionally, if you log in for one to four days during this period, you’ll also receive a Bonus Key Tokyo [Fri]. If you log in for five days or more, you’ll receive a Room goods "SAO x PSO2 poster."

You’ll receive your gifts by selecting the “Receive Campaign Items” option from the vidphone and then selecting “Receive Items: Account.” There are a few notes here:

  • Even if you meet the conditions with multiple characters, you can only receive one gift per account.
  • If you delete all the characters in the account that meet the conditions, you may not be eligible for gift distribution.
  • Please be careful about the character when you receive it as it is distributed to your account.


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