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Living Loot Event

Keith Cross Posted:
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An event is being held in Dreamlords where players will be able to find Flesh Sac monsters, which are essentially living sacs of bonus loot that can provide a boon to any who are brave enough to take them on. The flesh sac monsters will be around until January 19th.

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Sheit, the Cynos of Nightmares, has sent out his servants with deliveries of resources and weapons to monsters and beasts that are willing to make the life of the Dreamlords and their people difficult.

These servants, simply called Flesh Sacs, are roaming the Patrias. They are living cargo containers, with the only goal in life to carry and defend their contents until they reach their destination, upon which they burst open and die.

If you are lucky enough to see one, and foolish enough to take it on, you might end up with its valuable contents yourself... or your face full of its corrosive innards.

The Flesh Sacs The Flesh Sac monsters that can be found on your Patria can sometimes drop rare formulas that allow you to craft items of nightmarish powers by using the very remains of the slain beasts. For those who do not want to hope for the formulas to drop there is also the option to purchase them in the Altar of Cynos. However, you will still need to gather the ingredients to the formulas the old fashioned way.

The Flesh Sac's Rancid Remains, as well as any formulas related to this event, will persist through Era restarts. The powerful items they create, however, will not.

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Keith Cross