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Live People of the Dragon Style With This New Conan Exiles DLC

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Funcom has released a new DLC, People of the Dragon Pack for Conan Exiles on PC, Xbox and PlayStation. The new cosmetic DLC comes alongside a new update, update 2.6, which allows for building flexibility, balance updates, and bug fixes.

The centerpiece of what’s changed with the new update concerns, of course, is the new DLC and even the building flexibility, in which you can move building pieces that are at 100% strength, is set to support the new additions. The DLC is focused on cosmetics, and will get you 48 building pieces, all tuned to have the same stats as existing tier three items. There are also 32 new decorative items you can place in your buildings. Want to add a bookshelf somewhere? Add a bed to sleep in? These are included for you to add to your crafting knowledge. You can craft these new items at the included Nemedian artisan bench.

Other items in the DLC include light, medium, and heavy armor sets in 15 new armor pieces. You'll also be able to use the new light, medium, and heavy horse saddles. Finally, you can expect 12 new Nemedian weapons, which are designed to have the same power as iron weapons. Each of these will have an epic end game version, but these won’t be an  advantage for those who buy. The Funcom team has taken care to be sure that the new options aren't going to affect gameplay or be better than existing items. in general, as not everyone will own the update. The new items, they promise, are equivalent to already existing items in the game.

All of the new content will be exclusive to the pack, so if you want the building pieces and this furniture to craft, you'll need to shell out for the DLC. Read more at Conan Exiles’ People of the Dragon blog.


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