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Lion's Arch is Being Rebuilt, and We've Got Pics to Prove It

William Murphy Posted:
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The building has begun, the city is bustling with activity, and Lion's Arch is officially being rebuilt in ArenaNet's Guild Wars 2. But it won't ever be just as it was, as the developer today released a new dev blog on what the rebuild entails.

From the blog:

The city will retain its distinctive beauty. There will be new gathering places, focused service areas, refreshed locations, and commemorative area names and place names that are sure to delight. Lion’s Arch will remain a glorious meeting place for Tyrians of every race, profession, and background.

There will be new names on a lot of new city landmarks, and ANet is asking players to help decide those names. There's a poll (CLICK HERE) where players can vote for the new names.

The under-construction Canal Ward.

Is there an ETA on this newly rebuilt central gathering point in Tyria? Nope. But the blog says we'll just wake up one morning to find it refreshed and anew.

What will this scaffolding become?

What we can tell you is that we'll be partnering up with ArenaNet around the time of the unveiling for a special giveaway. So keep your eyes peeled for that!

Read the full blog on the official site.


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