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Lineage2M Is Coming To The West This Winter, Closed Beta Registration Now Open

Joseph Bradford Posted:
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Lineage2M, a mobile MMO in the long-standing Lineage series, is finally coming to the west, NCSoft announced this morning via a press release. In fact, it's coming to 29 different countries this winter, as well as being fully localized into six different languages at launch.

Lineage2M features fully 3D environments and high-fidelity graphics on mobile, making it one of the prettier mobile MMOs on the market. The MMO has done incredibly well in its native Korea, and NCSoft is finally opening the floodgates to Western players who are eager to jump into the Lineage world on the go.

Lineage 2M will hit Western shores sometime this winter, and for players in Europe especially, you can expect to see the mobile MMO localized into a few different languages to suit your needs, including English, German, Spanish, French, Russian and Polish. 

Pre-registration has begun, as well as sign-ups through PURPLE which gives players the chance to jump in a bit early during closed beta on either iOS and Android. You can register for the closed beta, which takes place on November 1st through the 7th. 

Lineage2M is outrageously popular in South Korea, seeing upwards of 7 million players in the region. Lineage2M is set in the Lineage universe, and features five different playable races from Humans, Elves and more. The MMO is set in a large open world with seamless loading between regions, giving the mobile MMO a more polished feel than some on the market. You can check out the official website for Lineage2M, as well as sign up for the beta, here.


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