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Lineage II Players Petition for Server Fix

Many issues persist, according to players

Poorna Shankar Posted:
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Lineage II players are petitioning for a server fix according to a recent forum post.

The post is quite lengthy and goes into detail on different features of the game and what the devs could do to fix them. For example, the game economy is a major topic,

“As you can see , there is a huge problem with the game economy, and the only Items people sell or buy are the Items  from  L2 Store  Events.”

The post then suggests fixes specific to the economy:

“Adena  :  decrease adena drop amount in the following areas : 

Abandoned Camp 

Ruins of Agony  

Ant Nest  

Gorgon Flower Garden 

Cruma Marshlands 

Cruma Tower (Floor 1,2) 

That would  prevents the pony bot Swarms. 

Also if you gonna decrease the adena on the following areas you should add some Newbie Pack on L2Store (for a low amount of NC COINS)that would provide a 30days C grade Weapon ,C grade armor set  and C grade Jewels, so the new people can save adena for the high lvl areas ! “

The post touches on increasing the Adena drop amount in certain areas, high level daily/dungeons/instance/farm areas, chaotic characters, server events, and epic raid bosses.

An in-game screenshot shows the support for such fixes as do replies to the forum post such as this,

“Greetings from all the clans of Giran Server.

As we look at the situation of the server in the last couple months ,we can see we have many issues,from the bugs of the updates that happened almost month ago,and only autohunting was fixed as an emergency situation  as  server was unpopulated,rest was ignored and forgotten.

The reason we all are writing this petition is to improve our server ,so we normal players can enjoy our loved game.”

Thanks for the tip, Ior!


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