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Lineage 2: Revolution Receives New Territory in Update

Plus dungeons

Poorna Shankar Posted:
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There’s a new territory available in Lineage 2: Revolution as part of the latest update to the game.

The new territory, available now, is called Rune and is open for you to explore. It’s divided into two areas – the Silent Provenance and the Ravine of Frenzy. Because of this, maximum level for players has increased from 480 to 520.

Two Elite Dungeons will be included in this new territory and an upgraded Level EXP dungeon, along with an expansion to the 200th floor of Tower of Insolence, have been added to help adventurers’ grow faster and stronger.

There are a few other changes brought about with this update like class balance updates. Most classes will undergo balance adjustments that depict the unique features of each character class. The press release also notes that there are also five new mount pets now availble – Leopard, Beetle, Happy Flight, Halloween Ghost, and King Carp


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