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Lineage 2: Revolution Expansion Pack 'Anthara's Rage' Available

New servers added too

Poorna Shankar Posted:
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The first expansion pack for Lineage 2 Revolution, called Anthara’s Rage, is available now.

The Antharas’ Rage expansion pack introduces original scenarios, characters, and in-game content that will be added to Lineage 2 Revolution over the next three months. Specifically, four new character types will be available to collect and nurture – all of which contribute to the growth of the main player character. As part of the expansion, newly-created raid content in which up to 25 people work together to defeat the Giant Boss “Antharas” will be available for high-level players to conquer.

Additionally, starting today, two new servers (Aria and Esthus) will be opened to celebrate the pack. When a new character is created on the server, they will start at level 320 and three million combat power.

A Boosting Event is also available for players to quickly grow up to level 445 and players will be eligible to receive 1,000 ‘Equipment Enhancement Coupons’ from a giveaway. Special rewards will be provided according to various records, while several discount events on equipment, soul stones, and boarding pet growth costs are included as well.


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