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Lineage 2 Receives Ni No Kuni Update in Collaboration

Poorna Shankar Posted:
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A collaboration with Ni no Kuni will see characters introduced in Lineage 2: Revolution.

This update showcases characters from the game, Ni no Kuni-themed costumes, Agathions, Pets, Soul Crystals, and several in-game events. To celebrate the update, Netmarble is hosting a ‘Red Diamond Event’ that will reward up to 100,000 Red Diamonds, depending on the number of Red Diamonds used by players at the start of the event.

The new update includes the following:

  • New characters from 'Ni no Kuni’
  • 'Ni no Kuni’ themed Character Costumes, Agathions, Pets, Soul Crystals, and more.

In-Game events include:

  • Red Diamond Return Event: Return up to 100,000 Red Diamonds depending on the number of Red Diamonds that the player has used;
  • Various rewards to be given through the Ni no Kuni themed Temporal Rift event
  • 10 million Adena, 3,000 Red Diamonds, and three types of daily buffs for players starting a new game in the recommended server

You can learn more here.


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