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Lineage 2 Classic Opens Today - Here's a Peek at the Patch Notes

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The patch notes for today's launch of the official Lineage 2 Classic server have been published. The Classic version begins in the Chronicle 1.5 (Age of Splendor) era. The patch notes provide players with an snapshot of Chronicle 1.5 and of all of the game's major systems including Characters, Classes, Items, Quests, Clans, Hunting Zones, Mission System, the UI and much more. 

Here are a few takeaways from the patch notes:

  • max level is 70, though the cap will increase after future updates
  • races include Human, Elf, Dark Elf, Orcs, Dwarf - Kamael & Ertheia races do not exist
  • a Death Penalty is added to Classic that includes 4% XP loss on death, though items do not drop. If they have 4 or more PKs, a "random item in a chaotic character's inventory will drop".
  • PK system is active and will feature a penalty for players who become Chaotic
  • Party Bonuses are added
  • "the original 31 classesses are back with up to the 2nd Class Transfer at level 40". No subclasses or Skill Enchanting on Classic
  • new Class Skills have been added
  • B-grade is the maximum item grade, though A-grade will be added later
  • 9 weapon types
  • 3 armor types
  • 3 jewelry slots
  • various accessories

You can check out a recent replay of a Twitch event for an overview of Classic or head straight to the extensive patch notes on the Lineage 2 site.

Will you be playing?


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