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Lighthearted, Classic MMORPG-Inspired Genfanad Fully Funds Kickstarter in Six Hours

Christina Gonzalez Posted:
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In the world of indie MMORPGs, being able to stand out is a must. Genfanad (which is derived from Generic Fantasy Adventure) is a retro, browser-based MMORPG designed as a lighthearted and humorous take on the genre. A Kickstarter campaign launched for the game yesterday and was fully funded in just six hours.

Developer Rose Tinted Games is setting out to create something relaxing and funny inspired by classic MMORPGs, and Genfanad already begins to show its hand with its title and premise. You begin as a peon in a world called Nublandia. You’re recruited to start an adventure. Great! The organization that’s sending you on this adventure? The ruling corporation Corporation for LiCencing HEroes Inc (CLICHE).

Part of their goals is to keep it flexible and relaxing. There's some challenge and plot to get wrapped up in, but there are a whole lot of low-key activities planned like crafting and gathering. To promote the Kickstarter campaign and to get people to know the game a little better, there is an open alpha test running through June. This will let players have a limited experience but a fully functional taste of what  you can expect with the larger full game when it releases. There are several questions you can complete, a PVP area, and even a dungeon and boss to take on and see how it works.

Since the campaign was fully funded in just a few hours, the developers have thanked those who contributed and unveiled potential stretch goals. Some of the stretch goals they have outlined include tailoring, letting players customize their clothes and make armor, including things like fabrics and dyes at $12,500, a light novel with lore for all at $15,000. More style that you can unlock to wear will happen at $20,000, and at $25,000, they’ll add a pet system and exclusive pets for certain backers.

For more on the game, you can head to the official site for Genfanad.



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