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Life is Feudal:MMO Relaunches on Steam, With Previous Owners Getting Perks, Plus a New Map is Revealed

The relaunched MMO has now also relaunched on Steam

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Life is Feudal: MMO, itself a relaunched version of the original MMORPG, is now relaunching again, this time on Steam. Not only will this open the title up to new potential players, but those who already owned the original game on the platform will get some special goodies.

Long Tail Games, which relaunched the game last May, emphasizes the lack of pay to win features, with the transition over to a fully subscription-based game. The relaunch on Steam means that you can now get access to the game outside of the publisher’s own official site.  This may be the first extension of availability, but it might not be the last. 

Anyone who owned the original game on Steam will get their prior purchases in the form of LiF coins, which are redeemable for a subscription. Also, if you had the previous game, you are eligible for 30 days of a free trial to try out the new version. New players can access a one-week free trial, and current subscribers won’t miss out, since their subs will get one week extensions. 

In the announcement on the Steam page, the team also runs down everything that has changed since the game shut down and the 2023 relaunch. For the launch, there’s also a new dev diary that dives into conflict, and a brand new map on the way. The map is smaller in size and the red zone is a tightly packed area that will intentionally squeeze players into a challenging survival situation. 

They also shared an overview of the 2024 roadmap, with many first tier and some second tier goals already completed. Among the goals already completed include a PVP rebalance, introducing subscription rewards, start of handcrafted events, a rework of the game launcher, anti-cheat technology, and the Steam relaunch. There's more in the works from a balance restoration, new arenas, even more events, new buildings, structures, and that new smaller map.


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